• CRIMINAL JUSTICE is designed to introduce students to the various aspects and occupations associated with law enforcement, corrections and the criminal justice system. Using state-of-the-art equipment and educational learning aids, curriculum components include:
    • Basic principles of criminal law, criminal justice and criminology
    • Analyzing components of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights including
      due process and probable cause
    • Understanding various crimes and their consequences
    • General knowledge of law enforcement roles and functions
    • Understanding the NJ Criminal Code 2C, traffic and juvenile laws
    • Understanding the law and the concepts of arrest, search and seizure and
       the use of force
    • Understanding NJ and Federal Court systems
    • Understanding pre-trial, trial and sentencing processes
    • Understanding the American corrections system
    • Practical applications of forensic science including fingerprinting,
       photography, blood and fiber samples, DNA evidence, etc.
    • Career opportunities in the criminal justice field
    Most graduates will continue their education in Criminal Justice at a two or
    four year college. By the time the student graduates from CRIMINAL
    at UCTECH, he or she will know for sure if a career in law
    enforcement is for them.