• Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources Program
    Horticulture plays a major role in the 21st century agricultural system. This Agriculture,
    Food, and Natural Resources Program involves the study of communication, the science
    of agriculture, plant science, animal science, natural resources, and agricultural technology
    and systems. While surveying the opportunities available in agriculture and natural
    resources, students will learn to solve problems, conduct research, analyze data, work in
    teams, and take responsibility for their work, actions, and learning. Woven throughout the
    program are activities to develop and improve employability skills of students through
    practical applications as they explore career and post-secondary opportunities available in
    the fi eld of agricultural science and natural resources.
    The program will provide an overview of the field of agricultural science with a foundation
    in plant science. Focusing on the characteristics of the latter and with work on major
    projects and problems, students will work in an environment similar to those that plant
    science specialists such as horticulturalists, agronomists, greenhouse and nursery managers
    and producers, and plant research specialists face in their respective careers. Students will
    also learn how Green Technologies can be implemented in the fi eld through recycling,
    composting and solar energy. In addition, students will understand specifi c connections
    between their lessons and Supervised Agricultural Experience, leadership and FFA
    components that are important for the development of an informed agricultural
    education student.
    Recommended Skills: Strong interest in science and math