• INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY at UCTECH is the study, design, implementation and management of computer-based information systems including software applications, computer hardware and network operating systems. The curriculum begins with the installation, configuration and upgrading of computer hardware and continues with diagnosing and troubleshooting, preventive maintenance, system boards, CPU and RAM technologies, protocols, computer security, Window applications and Internet basics. Throughout the program, students will build and maintain desktop computers. At the end of the first year, students will be prepared to take the industry recognized A+ certification exam.

    The second year of the program will focus on networking. Networks connect computers and allow multiple users to resource information. Working and effective networks are essential in today’s business community. Here students will learn the basics of managing and troubleshooting networks and will design and build a working network. Students will be introduced to the underlying technology of area and local networks, networking media and protocols, routing and switching systems, network security and wireless networks. Graduates are prepared to enter the workforce as entry level Computer Technicians or continue their education in such majors as Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Network Systems Administration, Computer Forensics, Computer Information Systems or in other related majors.