• Information processing and the changing technology in today’s business office requires the employee to be skilled in computer software, word processing, spreadsheets, databases, modern office procedures, multimedia presentations, electronic mail, on-line services and proper internet research practices. Students are expected to multi-task within the complexity of the business environment. In the OFFICE SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGY class, students will gain first-hand knowledge and experience with the latest office equipment and the OFFICE SUITE (WORD, EXCEL, POWERPOINT, ACCESS, OUTLOOK, and PUBLISHER) which will enable them to to walk into any type of office—legal, medical, financial, entertainment, sports management, etc. and be proficient in their office skills

    The program also introduces the students to the business world and to the enormous opportunities available to them in any industry. General business practices, records management, marketing, resume preparation, interviewing skills, communication skills, consumer education, financial literacy,
    presentation graphics, information technology, banking and investments are all included the course. A basic knowledge of keyboarding is helpful, but proper keyboarding techniques will be taught to enhance the speed of
    work required.

    Graduates will leave the program certified in the Office Suite by OPAC (Office Proficiency Assessment & Certification) program. Students are prepared to enter the workforce or continue their education after high school at two or four year colleges in such majors as Business Management, Business Marketing, Computer Science, Information Systems, Office Administration or other related majors.