• Welcome to UCTECH  

    UCTECH is a full-time high school dedicated to advancing the learning and well-being of all students.  We are committed to ensuring high standards and challenging opportunities to students through the integration of rigorous honors level academic and technical training.  We also strive to develop self-awareness, confidence, character, sensitivity to the environment and leadership skills.  Academic and technical disciplines are fully integrated; students will be consistently called upon to challenge their levels of learning through assignments and projects requiring application of knowledge across all disciplines. Click here for more information on our Technical Concentrations.

    In addition, UCTECH offers six innovative and exciting Career Academies under the umbrella of the Union County Vocational-Technical High School: Academy of Clinical Care Sciences, Academy for Law & Justice, Exercise Physiology & Related Sciences, School of Design, School of Sustainable Sciences and Teacher Education Academy. 

    For more information on our full-time admissions application process, please click here.