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    Graphic Design for Print and Web; Name: Mia Ziemniak; School: UCTECH; Subject: Graphic Design; Building/Classroom: West Hall/Room 308B; Ext.: 328; Email: mziemniak@ucvts.tec.nj.us


    Welcome to Graphic Design.

    Graphic designers combine art and technology to communicate ideas. Designers work with different tools to convey a message from a client to their target audience. The most important tools are manipulation of image and adept use of typography. This class will focus on using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign to achieve mastery of these. My goal is to have the students complete the program with tangible skills to take directly to the workforce or to continue their design education with the techniques they learn from this class.

    As a designer, it is important to receive recognition for your work and equally important to understand the role that competition plays in design. During the school year, there will be student-based design competitions as well as student submissions to national contests.

    I have been a graphic designer since 1997. Having specialized in designing textbooks and marketing materials for most of my career, I have also worked on music packaging and promotion pieces for both print and Web.

    I am looking forward to sharing my experience and knowledge about graphic design with you.