• la danza de la juventud, Picasso
    Name: Marcela Iturregui
    School: Academy for Allied Health Sciences
    Subject: Spanish III and Spanish IV
    Classroom/Bldg.: Baxel Hall - Room 116
    Phone Ext: 908-889-8288  #818
    Email: miturregui@ucvts.tec.nj.us

    “I am always doing that which

    I cannot do, in order that  

    I may learn how to do it.”

               Pablo Picasso (1881-1973)

                            ¡Bienvenidos a la página de la señora Iturregui! 
     Required Supplies for Spanish III and Spanish IV   2015-2016
    One 2 or 2 ½ inch three ring binder, with zipper if possible for complete closure (Just for Spanish)
    Number 2 pencils
    Pens (black or blue ink)
    Highlighters (two or more different colors
    One pack of college ruled filler paper 8.5"x 11"
    One pocket folder (three-hole punched)
    Two manila folders (one to leave in the classroom)
    3”X 5” Line Ruled White Index Cards
    One Spanish-English Dictionary for home use (Cassell's, Webster's, or Larousse) Not a traveler's.
    Also, the desire to improve...       ¡El deseo de mejorar!