• Graphic Design

    Graphic designers combine art and technology to communicate ideas. Graphic Design 1 focuses on the skills needed to structure and organize complex visual communications in both traditional and digital environments. The emphasis of course content is on conceptual development, structural organization of information, and interplay of form and verbal content to effectively communicate ideas. Students will learn to think critically, make aesthetic judgments, and become familiar with a variety of tools and techniques used to produce professional work in the design field. Students will be introduced to the technical tools in the Adobe Creative Suite (including Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign) so they can acquire skills in vector drawing, typography, image manipulation, photo retouching, and and page layout programs. 

    Graphic Design 2 builds upon students’ foundational knowledge and technical skills to further investigate the design process and examine the role of the designer, both past and present. Students will fine tune their understanding of the elements of design, hone their software skills, and develop an acute understanding visual literacy within our culture. This course will focus on developing students’ ability to work creatively and competently with traditional art media, and to transfer that knowledge to various forms of digital technology. Graphic Design 2 will address practical concerns such as file management, copyright/ownership concerns, ethical/legal considerations, marketing concepts, and will explore careers within the design field. Students will complete the program with tangible skills to take directly to the workforce or to continue their design education with the skills they learned from this program.

    Graphic Design: Class Supply List 
    • One 1" binder (with 2-3 folders for handouts)
    • College-ruled loose-leaf paper (for notes, at least 50 sheets)
    • One sketchbook: 8 1/2x11" or 9x12"  (GD2 students may reuse sketchbooks from last year if not filled up)
    • 2B Pencils (you will be expected to have your own writing utensils in class every day)
    • USB/Flash Drive: 4GB or 8GB