• Interns
    The UCVTS Technology Department would not be as productive without the assistance of Student Technology Assistants.  Each year rising seniors are eligible to apply to be a Student IT Intern.  The top scoring applicants, a combination of technology grades from Freshmen through Junior years, teacher recommendations, attendance and an interview process, help determine the new Student Technology Assistants.
    Those selected to be Student Technology Assistants are required to work (for pay) over the summer before their Senior year.  It is during this time that interns are instructed on how the Technology Department operates and how to appropriately handle technology work orders for the upcoming year.
    During the school year students will spend a portion of their day working as interns for the technology department.  The amount of time for the internship varies depending which school the student is attending.  Technology Assistants will also have the opportunity to work (again for pay) after school hours during the school year.
    Applications for new Student Technology Assistants are to be completed and delivered to the Technology Department by the deadline in February.  If you are interested you must:
    • be a rising senior
    • have your own transportation to and from school starting in July of current year
    • be available to work a minimum of five weeks during the summer
    If you are interested and can meet the above requirements, fill out the application below and send it interoffice to John Downey, Technology Department, Mancuso Hall or via email to jdowney@ucvts.org.