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    Name: Jonathan Kwiatkowski
    School: APA
    Subject: Technical Theatre I and Tech Theatre Lab
    Classroom/Bldg.: 214/213 APA
    Phone Ext:  908-889-8288  Ext.  716
    Email: jkwiatkowski@ucvts.tec.nj.us
    Jonathan Kwiatkowski, or Mr. K.,  is the newly instated Tech Theatre teacher and is thrilled to be teaching APA students about the conceptual side to theatre practice and design. This year will be full of collaborative/independent projects consisting of both imagination and practicality. Students will be tasked with bringing their thoughts and ideas physically to life through the use of  lights,sounds,multimedia, and even with the seemingly simple pen, pencil, and paper. Mr. K. is also a recent graduate of Kean University and has previously called the UCVTS campus his high school alma mater, so he remains a true example of the educational process on/off campus and the importance of building strong bonds between faculty and friends. Since theatre is a business that is all about connecting and collaborating  this class is designed to have students support each other while creating some truly worthwhile work.