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    Name: Yajaira Rodríguez
    School: UCTech
    Subject: Spanish 1- Spanish 2
    Classroom/Bldg.: WH-806
    Phone Ext:875


    ¡Bienvenidos a la clase de Español!  



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    Welcome to Spanish 1 and Spanish 2!

    ¡Hola! My name is Yajaira Rodriguez and I am delighted to have you in my Spanish class here at UCVTS.  I am so excited at this opportunity to be able to construct a nurturing learning environment conducive to the promotion and development essential to foreign language acquisition. I know that you will have a rewarding experience in Spanish class.
    You are enrolled in a class that comes with high expectations which requires your effort. In every class we will spend time perfecting the four skills necessary for learning a foreign language: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Since learning a foreign language may be a new skill for you, you should expect to be prepared to keep up with the classwork, homework, as well as participating in every class. It is required and very important to stay in the target language throughout each class.  

    Extra help is available twice per week. These days will be posted in Google Classroom.

    It’s my ultimate goal to show my students how fun, rewarding, and beneficial it can be to learn other languages!

     I am looking forward to a great school year!
    Español 1
    1. Spanish history and Culture / Historia y Cultura Hispana  
    • Identify the location of different Spanish speaking countries and their corresponding capitals.
    • Asking someone’s name and saying their own, ask how someone is and say how they are doing (estar+ emotion expression)
    • Use the verb “ser” and "estar"  (in the present tense) in Spanish.
    • Identify the months of the year in Spanish.
    • Numbers 1- 1000
    • Give phone numbers, time, date, day, months, and seasons in Spanish. 
    • Identy subjects, verbs, and subject pronouns in Spanish.    

    2. Who am I?/ My friends and I/ Quién soy yo? /Mis amigos y yo    

    • Describe yourself and others. (biographical information, ethnic origin, age)

    • Talk about what you and others like.(gustar)
    • Adjetivos descriptivos con descripciones físicas y de personalidad (Descriptives adjectives).
    • Express what interests, bores or pleases you with the verbs interesar, aburrir, and gustar as demonstrated through listening, spoken and written activities.
    • Use gender and adjective agreement using high frequency adjectives.  (alto, bajo, etc)
    • Ask basic questions in Spanish through level appropriate dialogues.
    • Use nouns and definite and indefinite articles.
    • El verbo gustar to express likes and dislikes. 
    • Describe past-times, hobbies, and extracurricular activities. Use the verb ir/querer in context.
    3. School Life and Technology/ La vida escolar y la tecnología 
    • Label/list classroom supplies using “tener” and indefinite articles.
    • Identify vocabulary associated with the classroom activities (leer, escribir, etc.)
    • La clase, el colegio (School items, describing the classroom and school)
    • Understand and react to technological terminology including basic informal commands.
    • Discussing the school schedule using Spanish previously introduced vocabulary.
    • Use cardinal numbers to describe their school schedule.
    • Asking and telling time in the target language.  (¿Qué hora es?)  (¿A qué hora es la clase de matemáticas?)  
    • Hobbies and activities during school and after school


    4. La Familia. Family life /La vida familiar 

    • Identify family members by discussing and describing each family member.
    • Describe family activities using regular and stem changing verbs.
    • Tell time in the target language. 
    • Identify possessive pronouns.
    • The parts of the body.


    5. Travel and Food / Viajar y comidas típicas 

    • Discuss the typical dishes of various regions in Spain and Latin America  in order to plan an eating-out itinerary.
    • Describe a scene in a food/restaurant
    • Ordering food in a restaurant.
    • Use of  the present progressive tense to describe favorite activities while traveling.  

    6. La Ropa. Fashion/ La moda 

    • Describe a person’s personal attire using clothing vocabulary, adjectives, and colors.
    • Shopping.

    7. Literature/Lecturas

    • Read and comprehend in the target language a short story.



    Español 2 

    1. Family & Friends / Familiares y Amigos

           El tiempo verbal Presente

    • Know what an infinitive is:   jugar is an infinitive hacer is an infinitive
    • regular verbs ending in -ar -er, -ir
    • All stem changing verbs: dormir- duermo o-ue
    • Expressions of tener and the construction tener+que+infinitive and tener expressions and idioms
    • Ser vs Estar
    • Effectively use the verb gustar, “encantar” y “aburrir”,etc.
    • Nouns, and adjective agreement.
    • Present progressive:  estar + present participle (-ando, -iendo, -yendo)
    • Immediate future tense
    • -ir +a + infinitivo
    • Los verbos reflexivos
    • Direct object pronouns:  me, te, lo/la, nos, los/las

    2. La Comunidad- In the Neighborhood &Town

         Las profesiones

    • Professions by discussing about what people do for a living.
    • Saber and Conocer
    • El tiempo verbal Pretérito:  regular verbs ending in -ar -er, -ir
    • Irregular yo verbs: ir, tener, hacer, salir, ver, saber, conocer, traer, dar,   
    • Preterite vs Imperfect
    • Stem changing: -car -gar -zar 
    • Las direcciones (asking and giving directions)

    3. Para la Salud

    Disscussing sporting eventa or a competition

    Talk about injuries and illness. 

    4. Childhood Memories / Recuerdos  

    Talk about childhood experiences while using regular and irregular imperfect tense verbs.

    5. The Art of Shopping  / El Arte de Ir de Compras

    Describe clothing in detail using the preterit tense.

    Talk about trying on clothes and how they fit, and talk about shopping for clothes.

    El Regateo: Bargaining

    6. Story Telling / Contar Cuentos                          

    7. Future & Travel Plans / A Viajar   

    Identify and effectively use regular and irregular verbs in the future tense.

    Discuss student’s future plans and goals.  Talk about what you and others will do in the future.            

    8. Music, Art, & Poetry / La Música, el Arte, y la Poesía

    Spanish Extra Help Tuesdays and Thursdays, period 6 in room 806, West hall or by appointment.

    UCVTS Spanish Honor Society Tutoring Services every Wednesday or Fridays, period 5, room 118 in Baxel Hall.

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