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    Class of 2019/2020
    Union County Magnet High School
    Mrs. LeBrun 
    Phone Ext: (908) 889-8288 ext. 219
    Email: dlebrun@ucvts.tec.nj.us
    The responsibility of the class of 2019/2020 is to bring student issues to the class council. As a Council we will communicate with freshman and sophomore students to offer innovative and creative ideas throughout the year.  We hold fundraisers all year round to ensure we have sufficient funds for prom, class trips and charities. 

    2019 Class Council 2017-2018

    President:          Hannah Bandalo

    Vice President:  Preston Andrews

    Treasurer:         Damon Artis

    Secretary:         Ellie Kapengut 

    Senator:            Virendra Ghate
                              Caitlin Moy

    Historian:          Madison Fong
                              Jason Wong 
    2020 Class Council 2017-2018
    President:         Christian Festa

    Vice President: Amanda Zheng

    Secretary:         Harvin Mumick

    Treasurer:         Himanee Hendree

    Historian:         Matt Mlawski

    Senator:         Omay Edekar