• APES and Bio
    Name: Dr. Latanya Sharif-Bakari
    School: APA
    Subject: Biology and AP Environmental Science
    Classroom/Bldg.: APA Room 203
    Phone Ext: 732-889-8288 x707


    Dear Students:

    I am looking forward to working with you this upcoming school year.  I hope you enjoy your summer and are excited about the upcoming school year.

    You will receive your course syllabus as well as the necessary codes to access your online tools during the first week of school.  (AP Environmental Science students, please note important information about your summer assignment posted on this site and the district website)

    Suggested School Supplies:   

    • 1.5-2" 3-ring binder (it may be shared however, you will need a dedicated section for this course, many find that having an "A" day and "B" day binder works well)
    • College-ruled notebook paper, dividers
    • Book Cover 
    • Index cards, post-it notes
    • Writing supplies (#2 pencils, blue/black ink pens)
    • Calculator 
    • 1-2 sturdy 2-pocket folders (for worksheets and/or lab handouts)
    • Colored pencils, Highlighters
    • Earbuds (chromebook compatible)
    • Misc supplies: personal mini stapler, manual pencil sharpener, erasers, box of tissues