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    Subject: Commercial Art 
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    The Commercial Art Program at Union County Career and Technical Institute links the traditional foundations of art and design with the new and continuously developing technology of the digital imaging industry. The goal of the program is to equip the student with the practical skills required in the workplace. The Commercial Art Program offers a carefully sequenced course of instruction that includes advertising art and design principles and techniques, illustration methods, art production, typography and digital photo manipulation. 

    This course provides an accelerated, rigorous, and industry-driven program that allows students to acquire marketable vocational knowledge, skills, and experience. These skills transfer easily into the workplace or into further study beyond high school. In either instance, skills learned in this class can dramatically increase students’ chances of success in the world of work. Students learn about key aspects that make up the commercial art and graphic design industry. They learn through practical and creative projects the basics of layout and design of  corporate identity through the aid of computer graphics. Projects are hands-on and require artistic ability. Students will work almost exclusively on in software programs such as Adobe Photoshop and  Adobe Illustrator. 


    Student Low-PolyIllustration, done in Adobe Photoshop: 

    Cassidy Wallace

    Dedra Ben

    Lauryn Jordan

    Student One-Point Perspective drawings: 


    Skyscrapers  skyscraper


    Student Cross-Contour Line drawings, Op Art: 

    Zion Edwin